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The updates on the huts are being uploaded on an online portal recently launched by the state Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis.From a height of 100m, the drone covered an imagery of 50 acres in two sorties of 15 minutes each, in which details on 2,300 huts were gathered.The use of drones is expected to facilitate the work of digitisation of each individual hut, said sources."Till date, D2D survey of 1,95,000 hutments has been completed. The slum survey was started in 2016. Its purpose was to enable a slum-free state by 2022. The SRA appointed survey agencies, M/s Mahaonline and M/s Genesys International Corporation, on Friday..After digitisation of each hutment, a slum map would be prepared by the authority.The use of drones is expected to facilitate the work of digitisation of each individual hut, said sources. A drone, as part of the survey, was flown on Friday at Hariyali village in Kurla on a pilot-basis. Since 2016, the authority has only managed to completed 40 per cent of the survey.

In the first instance of its kind, the Slum Rehabilitation Auth-ority (SRA) is planning to fly high-end drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) across Mumbais Knitting Machine Suppliers slums to beef up its ongoing survey. The Asian Age had previously reported on the slow pace of the survey. The machine is huge and the accuracy level is not that high."Currently, we use a machine called LiDAR machine, which is carried by the surveyor on his back while performing the door-to-door biometric survey. To conduct the GIS enabled, biometric survey of each slum dweller residing in the Mumbai municipal area, the survey and digitisation of each slum hut is necessary. There are plethora of challenges faced in the tight lanes within slum areas with little to no visibility to open sky," said an official. Currently, the slum map is prepared by using a backpack LiDAR machine & ETS/GPS technique. Drone used for this survey has a 20MP camera that has five obstacle sensors. So we have decided to use drones which can map at least 3,500 hutments per day as compared to the machine which can only capture 800 hutments per day," said a senior SRA official from CTS survey department of SRA.

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